ATC Tenant Qualifications

tenantIf you are a for profit start-up business, home-based business wanting to expand, an existing business wanting to begin a new venture or nonprofit essential service, and you meet one or more of the following criteria, you are eligible to apply as an ATC tenant.

  • Product or service is technology based
  • Production of product or service is technology dependent
  • Marketing and/or delivery of product or service is technology dependent
  • Use of business to business technology functions are major to operations
  • Use of business to customer or dealer technology functions are major to sales, marketing, and operations
  • Technology transfer into current operations is included in business plan
  • Communications with other professionals for intelligent property transfer and collaboration, is essential
  • Participation in ATC program will assist in continuation of operations and growth
  • Particiations in ATC program will provide a positive affect in preventing failure
  • Would provide useful support services for other clients within the ATC
  • Have a business plan which demonstrates the need for the services provided by the ATC
  • Demonstrate that your business has a good market potential and the product or service is viable in the marketplace